power attorney Our areas of practice include Criminal Law, Civil Law, State Administrative Law, Business and Companies, Marriage and Divorce, Family and Heritage, Intellectual Property and Rights, and various other legal aspects as follows:

Criminal Case (Kasus Pidana)
As a law office, advocate and / or lawyer in Indonesia in general, the Rhetoric Law Office also handles general criminal cases as stated in the Criminal Code and other legal issues such as other law offices. In handling cases suspected of criminal offenses / violations of criminal law, before the case is reported to the Police or other law enforcement officers, we will usually seek non-litigation and familial handling. Some examples of the scope include: domestic violence, theft, narcotics crime, forgery of letters, fraud, embezzlement, se#ual crimes, defamation, murder cases, destruction of property, traffic accidents, gambling cases, and so on.

Civil Case (Kasus Perdata)
Office of Lawyer Advocates Lawyers and Legal Consultants who handle Public Civil Cases. Civil cases are cases concerning disputes between individual interests or between the interests of a government agency and individual interests (for example: disputes regarding sale and purchase agreements, leases, inheritance distribution, etc.). As an Advocate / Lawyer office, Rhetoric also handles general civil law issues in the District Court. Some examples of scope such as: cases of accounts payable, defaults, lawsuit for execution auction, lawsuit against the law, and so forth.

TUN Case (Kasus Perkara TUN)
Law Offices, Advocates, Lawyers handling State Administrative cases or abbreviated as TUN Case. What is meant by case / case of TUN is a case / legal case that enters the court environment under the Supreme Court that exercises judicial authority for people seeking justice against State Administrative disputes. State Administrative Disputes are disputes arising in the field of State Administration between people or civil legal entities with State Administration Offices or Institutions, both at the central and regional levels.

This state administrative dispute is settled in the State Administrative Court by submitting a written claim that demands that the disputed State Administrative Decision be declared null and void, with or without claims for compensation and / or rehabilitation. Whereas what is meant by a TUN lawsuit is a request containing a claim against a state administrative body or official and submitted to the court to obtain a verdict. So that the person who becomes the defendant is a state administrative body or official who issues a decision based on the authority he has or delegated to him who is sued by a person or body of civil law

Below are some legal cases that deal with it through the State Administrative Court: Dismissal of Civil Servants, Claims for Cancellation of Land Certificates, Decline in Position Rank, etc.

Business and Company (Bisnis dan Perusahaan)
The Rhetoric Law Office also offers business law lawyer services periodically to companies in Indonesia in various business and corporate legal cases, such as inter-company disputes, business disputes, Labor disputes, shareholder disputes, cases of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Bankruptcy and Restructuring (Kepailitan dan Restrukturisasi)
We also offer lawyers, lawyers, or legal consultants in the area of ​​corporate debt, establishment and closing of companies, mergers, consolidations and acquisitions of companies, handling bankruptcy claims of a company, and retaining them through legal applications for Delaying Debt Payment Obligations (PKPU), cases banking such as bad credit and collateral / collateral execution, collateral execution, handling corporate insurance claims, making company regulations & PKB, and so on.

HAKI Law Case (Intellectual Property Rights)
In the business world various kinds of legal problems related to Intellectual Property Rights such as Copyright, Patents, Brands, Industrial Designs, Trade Secrets, etc.

Labor and Employment Law (Hukum Buruh dan Ketenagakerjaan)
It is not uncommon in the business world to be troubled by the diverse demands of both employees and former employees. In addition, there are also often companies that do not provide the rights of employees or former employees with a variety of reasons and considerations. Therefore, business people or employers and employees in facing the company desperately need legal consultant services in dealing with this problem.

Land and Real Estate Law (Hukum Pertanahan dan Real Estate)
Land disputes often occur in defense issues in Indonesia, one of the causes is the soaring value of the land price that makes some people tempted to control the land illegally or against the law. The Rhetoric Law Office is present honestly and professionally in providing legal services to help resolve land dispute problems faced by our clients.

Divorce Lawyer (Pengacara Perceraian)
In marital relations there are often quarrels or disputes that result in divorce, here are things that cover the legal aspects of marriage

Pre Marriage Agreement (Perjanjian Pra Nikah)
Along with the increasing level of divorce in Indonesia, the practice of premarital agreements has become a common practice. This was done by both parties to avoid the distribution of assets that would arise as a result of the divorce.

Divorce (Perceraian)
Every couple in starting a family relationship must be unthinkable or plan to divorce, as the household goes along sometimes marriage cannot be maintained so divorce is a choice. Divorce often has a long and serious impact, although sometimes the impact is not understood and realized.

Therefore we handle divorce cases with comprehensive legal methods so that the divorce mechanism can be carried out effectively and legal rights can be maximally protected.

Property Distribution (Pembagian Harta Gono Gini)
Assets acquired during marriage and property acquired in marriage must be handled professionally.

Often we see Gono Gini’s assets in the divorce not being prepared so well that the product of the distribution of property is very disappointing and detrimental.

In addition, because of the emotional verdict this problem is often ignored, and certainly has a negative impact on the medium and long term.

We will provide a proportional view regarding the property of gono-gini, including careful calculations for our rights to fight for.

Child Custody (Hak Asuh Anak)
The child is the most important thing in a marriage, but it is still the most important thing when marriage ends.

Therefore child custody is the most important right to fight for so that the child can get protection, guidance and a better life with you.

Litigation (Litigasi)
Our team always strives to handle non-litigation and kinship before litigation efforts. We have experienced handling a number of previous litigation cases.


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